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Coupon Mania


How to use: This program is designed so that if you press the screen then release on any of the Store's Logos it will send you directly to that Store's Link. For smooth usage:1. Press & Release any of the Store's Logos to visit the Weekly Ads Link for that Store, Enter your Local Zip Code then view the Store's Weekly Ads. The next step is to write down the Deals that you find, and Price Match them at your Local Supermarket.2. Press a Store's Logo and Hold to see a small description of what you're likely to find at that store. "Things that may be on sale when clicking here."If I found really good deals on an item repeatedly at that store. I share what is on sale such as Milk, Klondike Ice Cream, to other useful items such as Toothpaste and Liquid Soap.Keep your finger on the screen after doing this until you wish to go back to the page that you were on. ----Program Description:"When you first open Coupon Mania" The first page is mainly filled with Weekly Ads and Price Comparison Tools. This is the stuff that I use weekly."Extras" Page is filled with tons of stores that I usually check monthly for Great Deals & Coupons."Free Stuff for Birthdays" Page has places that you can go to cash in on free Birthday Goodies.